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India is battling the world's most severe COVID-19 crisis, averaging 400,000 new cases per day and countless deaths.

With 7.35 million job losses and an extreme shortage of oxygen and hospital beds, we need your support now, more than ever, to reach those suffering across the country. Each day GHARA receives requests for help from individuals and organisations in urgent need of oxygen, medicine, and food. At GHARA, we are doing our best to respond to the need as the situation rapidly changes however, are reliant on the generosity of people like you to enable us to say YES to these requests.


• Partner with NGOs in Bengaluru and Mumbai to provide much needed food, oxygen, and urgent medical relief.
• Arrange an urgent supply of 100 plus Food Packs for families of patients with COVID-19, in addition to maintaining our regular Food Pack distribution amidst the lockdown.
• Purchase oxygen concentrators to provide relief for those who are awaiting hospital care (our supplier is generously providing these concentrators at cost-price) • Arrange for distribution of hand sanitizers
• Provide food and medicine for an orphanage for HIV positive children, where 70 CHILDREN and 8 adults tested positive for COVID-19. Some are still recovering in hospital.
• Continue the activities of the GHARA Centre remotely, and in person, when it is safe to do so.

These are just some of the ways your donations can DIRECTLY AID the situation in India. As the situation gets more severe each day, the requests for help will continue to increase and your support is more critical than ever. Help us assist as many people as we can.

December 2020 UPDATE:

Our dear GHARA supporters, in April we asked for your support to help us protect the most vulnerable in the Bengaluru community against the impacts of COVID-19. In doing so, we launched our new project for COVID-19 Emergency Relief Food Packs.

Our initial goals were to distribute 40 Food Packs to families in need, who were desperate for the basic necessities in these unprecedented times.

Thanks to your tremendous generosity, as of the end of DECEMBER 2020 we have exceeded those goals and delivered over 500 Food Packs!

These times have been challenging for all of us so to receive this level of support, we truly can’t thank you enough.

Each and every act of kindness is appreciated and is changing the lives of families and communities in a very real way. But, we are not done yet! While the situation is uncertain, we still aim to continue providing emergency relief for these families in the months to come.

For further information, and to see how to donate, check out our initial post below!

April 2020:

Our dear GHARA supporters, we hope you are well and staying safe in this extremely trying time.

The SITUATION:  We at GHARA are committed to stopping the spread of COVID-19, and so have temporarily closed our GHARA Centre to protect our vulnerable clients and the community in Bengaluru. As similar support services close, thousands lose their jobs and many are left stranded, it is clear that the impact of COVID-19 in India has been devastating to the most vulnerable.
We are aware that GHARA's resources are needed now more than ever to protect the most vulnerable in our community against the impacts of COVID-19. While our Centre doors may be closed, we are NOT sitting back!

GHARA has launched a new project to meet the disaster currently unfolding. This project is not just about disability, but survival.


We are organising emergency Food Packs to go to our clients’ families and desperate families across our network in Bengaluru. Our team is on the ground, personally distributing these Food Packs to the most vulnerable. Over the past week, we have very quickly sourced food suppliers and obtained special permission from the authorities for a delivery driver to distribute the Food Packs directly to the homes of each GHARA client, AND other families who need it most, as we encourage people to physically distance and remain safe.

Each Food Pack costs ₹1000 INR or $22.00 AUD. One Food Pack contains non-perishable items that can feed an entire family for a week! (A list of the groceries it contains is below). 

So far we’ve committed to 40 Food Packs but WE NEED YOUR HELP to reach out to as many families as possible and to continue this effort for the foreseeable future. We are looking beyond the disability sector to provide emergency relief wherever and whenever we can! 



You can sponsor a Food Pack for ₹1000 INR or $22.00 AUD.

Just 1 Food Pack can feed an entire family for a whole week!

We know you really care about helping those most vulnerable in our society, and you have journeyed with us in the past. For that we are ever grateful, thank you. But we need you now more than ever.

To donate, in either India or Australia, please see our bank details below and mark the description of your donation as “Food Pack” to ensure your donations go directly to this purpose.

We understand this is a stressful and anxious time, and that many of us are in an uncertain position. If you are in a position to give, ANY donation to this project would be deeply appreciated.

Donation Details

Bank: Catholic Syrian Bank
Account name: GHARA TRUST
Account number:0009-02837093-195001
RTGS No: CSBK0000009IN

Account name: GHARA TRUST
Account number:10652048
BSB : 062339

For Indian citizens that will be able to donate in India and may want to claim an 80G income tax deduction, please email your PAN and the address that you would like your receipt to be mailed to. The email address is