Our Services

Services that rely on your generous support:

GHARA provides various avenues of support to individuals with intellectual disability - our primary area of focus being the GHARA Day Care Centre. Historically, our respite centre operated out of a modest shack in the slums of Bengaluru. There, our clients learned skills such as social in interaction, gross and fine motor skills and activities of daily living and were given access to therapy and allied health services according to their individual needs.

Today the GHARA Day Care Centre is based in the Assisi Special School, run in partnership with the Dream India Network and Sisters of St Francis Assisi. Our purpose built facility has enabled us to expand GHARA’s operation to a comprehensive day-care program.

Our Program

The daily program at our Day Care Centre includes:

• Self-care skills (personal skills)
• Academics teaching
• Therapy
• Exercise
• Occupational skills
• Social skills
• Recreation Skills
• Daily Evaluation to ensure client well-being and monitoring

Tailored Support

At GHARA, we are concerned with the holistic needs of individuals with an intellectual disability and their families across the Bengaluru community. In particular, those who cannot afford the services they desperately need.

As such, in addition to our daily program, GHARA also provides tailored supports for individual clients and networks with similar organisations to reach out to as many individuals in need as possible. Such as:

• Connecting clients with relevant pre-vocational training and providing financial support for that training
• Connecting clients with relevant therapy – eg. Speech therapy, occupational therapy and physiotherapy services
• Providing mobility equipment, food and medication

GHARA is run 100% on donations and managed by a team of dedicated volunteers. Without your support, none of these services would be possible – please consider donating today.

GHARA Thanks you for your support